• Occupational Therapy
    Increasing participation during play, social activities and academics is the goal of pediatric Occupational Therapy. As specialists’, we enhance sensory, fine motor, handwriting, motor planning...
  • Physical Therapy
    Functional mobility is the goal of pediatric Physical Therapy. Treatment may be focused on improving developmental tasks, motor planning, balance, safety and general and eye-hand...
  • Speech Therapy
    Communication is the key goal for Speech and Language Pathologists. They diagnose and work with children who have communication, oral-motor/articulation and feeding difficulties. A limitation...


Discover Dynamic Kids

Dynamic Kids is one of the leading multi-disciplinary pediatric practices in the region providing Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy services to children from birth thru teens. In addition, we provide enrichment groups such as music, art, yoga, self-regulation and handwriting. Executive Director and Founder, Robbie Levy, with over three decades as a therapist...

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"Play, to Learn"

A Blog By Robbie Levy, MA, OTR/L, Executive Director.

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