Speech and Language Therapy

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Communication is the key goal for Speech and Language Pathologists. They diagnose and work with children who have communication, oral-motor/articulation and feeding difficulties. A limitation in communication skills could be the result of an expressive or receptive language, articulation, oral motor, sensory or cognitive limitations. They also address children’s feeding/eating difficulties utilizing either a sensory, motor or behavioral approach.

Utilizing their background in education, development and neuro-science our Speech and Language Pathologists can differentiate the under-lying causes of a child’s communication difficulty thus developing a successful program. Through a variety of techniques and strategies including play, motor and sensory facilitation, our therapists utilize targeted interventions including oral motor exercises, modeling, tongue placements and sensory input to enhance the attainment of your childs’ speech and language goals.

Speech and Language Pathologist’s address a variety of areas including:

- Receptive language
- Expressive language
- Articulation disorders
- Oral Motor deficiencies
- Auditory Processing
- Feeding difficulties
- Weak oral muscles
- Developmental delays
- Hearing impairments
- Executive functioning
- Alternative communications systems