Unplug August

Sensory activities for the hot days ahead!

We are half way through the summer and the weather has been gorgeous here on the East Coast which allows you and your children to be outdoors most days and nights. Make sure you stay outside, experience nature, and enjoy as many whole- body sensory and motor activities as possible together.

Here are some suggestions for making the most out of the remainder of the summer with your children. (more…)

National Day of Unplugging

There is no denying the media, the Internet, video games, and computers are all part of our daily lives. We use these electronic devices for a variety of reasons; for work, to assist us in our everyday routines, to keep up with friends, and for play and recreation. For the most part, technological advancements have improved society. But what effects do these gadgets really have on young childrens’ development as they grow? (more…)

Unplug; Get Messy

Welcome to my new blog!
I am so excited to share my knowledge about sensory processing, motor development, play, social skills, general child development and Occupational Therapy. As the owner/director of Dynamic Kids, teacher and local and national lecturer for Summit Education I have been able to share my knowledge with countless therapists and teachers over the last 31 plus years. I work with the greatest group of OT’s, PT’s and ST’s and still work directly with children and their families. I want to start this blog with a topic that is important to me and a true concern for our society. It is about the use of media and technology. (more…)