100 Hearts for 100 Years

In April 2017, the American Occupational Therapy Association celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Occupational Therapy and Dynamic Kids couldn’t wait to join in! Celebrating this milestone gave our Occupational Therapists the opportunity to celebrate their profession and how far they have come. Pediatric OT’s focus on self-regulation, executive function, sensory processing and motor planning all with the goal of helping children to perform everyday activities to their highest potential.

Sensory Earth Day

Earth Day is upon us and it is a beautiful, sunny and warm day in New York. This comes after a long, cold, snowy winter when many children spent too many hours indoors and attached to technology. As Therapists and Child Development Specialists we know the importance of the natural environment in the lives of children and their development. (more…)

National Day of Unplugging

There is no denying the media, the Internet, video games, and computers are all part of our daily lives. We use these electronic devices for a variety of reasons; for work, to assist us in our everyday routines, to keep up with friends, and for play and recreation. For the most part, technological advancements have improved society. But what effects do these gadgets really have on young childrens’ development as they grow? (more…)


This week has brought enormous challenges to our all children but especially those with SPD. Recess was taken away as the temperatures dipped dangerously low. As the week progressed both educational staff and parents began to notice the same thing. Their children were more fidgety, antsy, less focused, more easily frustrated etc. This is NOT a coincidence. We need to be mindful of the sensory nutrition that we provide our children as it is important for their bodies, learning and behavior. (more…)