World Autism Awareness Day!

d_200804_d_200804_waad7_02_180wideThe sixth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2013. Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day and use it as an opportunity to spread awareness about autism to the community.

We at Dynamic Kids are committed to providing the most comprehensive, therapeutic services to our students and families with ASD. As awareness grows on the global level with organizations such as Autism Speaks combined with the commitment of practices such as Dynamic Kids and our extraordinary therapists, we can make a significant difference in the future of our children and families. Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Speech and Language Pathologists are critical team members for students with ASD. Our expertise is essential to aid students in the development of their sensory, motor and language skills. We are the professionals that remediate problem areas, facilitate development and make modifications and accommodations to improve function. (more…)


This week has brought enormous challenges to our all children but especially those with SPD. Recess was taken away as the temperatures dipped dangerously low. As the week progressed both educational staff and parents began to notice the same thing. Their children were more fidgety, antsy, less focused, more easily frustrated etc. This is NOT a coincidence. We need to be mindful of the sensory nutrition that we provide our children as it is important for their bodies, learning and behavior. (more…)

Unplug; Get Messy

Welcome to my new blog!
I am so excited to share my knowledge about sensory processing, motor development, play, social skills, general child development and Occupational Therapy. As the owner/director of Dynamic Kids, teacher and local and national lecturer for Summit Education I have been able to share my knowledge with countless therapists and teachers over the last 31 plus years. I work with the greatest group of OT’s, PT’s and ST’s and still work directly with children and their families. I want to start this blog with a topic that is important to me and a true concern for our society. It is about the use of media and technology. (more…)