Seven Senses-Using All Of Them In The Winter

Here are some suggestions for both indoor and outdoor activities. We want to keep your bodies filled with the right amount of sensory input no matter what the temperature or weather!

1. Whether it is snowing or not go outside. Bundle up and take a walk, play in the backyard or go to a public or school playground. Use your imaginations!!! Look at winter scenery including frozen waterways and listen to winter sounds including animals, nature and music. Smell winter scents.

2. Go to the zoo. It is a quiet time and easy to maneuver. If you are cold, drink hot chocolate/coffee/tea/cider or duck into one of the indoor spaces. Your olfactory sense (smell) has many opportunities. If you want to stay completely indoors then try an aquarium.

3. Enjoy winter sports and games. Ice skate, ski, sled, tube, make snow angels, forts, have snowball tosses. Winter activities allow you use your muscles and stimulate so many senses. If the snow is heavy or thick, you are giving your proprioceptive system extra input.

4. Ceramics-It is great for heavy work of the upper body and works the entire arm from upper to lower. Once it dries, you can paint your creation and work on fine motor precision (helps handwriting) while stimulating your visual and olfactory systems.

5. Swimming-A possible addition or alternative to outdoor activities. The water envelopes your body providing deep pressure as well as working most muscle groups.

6. Be creative indoors-Use your furniture, blankets, sheets, pillows etc. to build castles, forts, obstacle courses, etc. Have fun! Cook winter foods. Enjoy the tastes and scents of the season. Use your muscles for stirring heavy dough and add proprioceptive input to your body.

7. Get involved=Advocate for outdoor recess at school. There is no reason that students can’t go outside if it is cold. Make sure students are dressed warmly and cover their heads and hands. If the students really cannot go outside, make sure recess is more than just watching a video or movie.

Enjoy the winter and stimulate all 7 senses!