December is one of my favorite months as we all gather together and the seasons change again. It doesn’t matter what we celebrate but that we all CONNECT! Let’s do it this year without the TV, media and digital world. Put away all the devices and pull out your spirits, creativity and imaginations. It’s time to laugh, breathe and experience one another with calm, peace and joy without interference. (more…)

JumpStart School

School is starting in a few weeks and young children are preparing for September. They practice their ABC’s, numbers and expand their vocabulary. They read, do worksheets, use flash cards and sit with IPADS/technology. Is this enough to be ready? Many of our students struggle in school not from cognitive weakness but sensory, language, behavioral and motor weaknesses that make them less available for learning. These issues interfere with attention/focus, executive functioning, social skills and postural abilities/endurance.

So what does it take to be ready for school? How can we increase success especially for the early elementary school years? How can families facilitate and foster these necessary skills in their daily life?

100 Hearts for 100 Years

In April 2017, the American Occupational Therapy Association celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Occupational Therapy and Dynamic Kids couldn’t wait to join in! Celebrating this milestone gave our Occupational Therapists the opportunity to celebrate their profession and how far they have come. Pediatric OT’s focus on self-regulation, executive function, sensory processing and motor planning all with the goal of helping children to perform everyday activities to their highest potential.

100 words for 100 years – American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)

Happy Birthday AOTA! Look how far we’ve come!

OT, especially pediatric, has made incredible strides in the treatment of children. Occupational Therapy helps children to develop the underlying skills necessary for learning, social capacities, self-confidence, motor abilities and functional skills. We have moved beyond just crafts and handwriting to focus on:

1- Self-regulation

2- Executive Function

3-Sensory processing

4-Motor planning

5-Social Skills

This 100-year anniversary is an opportunity for our profession to celebrate our enriched past and look to the future with optimism for children and their families!

35 Years

I celebrated my 35 years as an Occupational Therapist with a huge Open House at Dynamic Kids’ new space.  We showcased our beautiful, expanded, new office with 3 sensory gyms, treatment rooms, evaluation rooms, staff rooms and more.  We included everyone;  clients (past and current), families, educators, therapists, colleagues, neighbors and the general community.  (more…)

Unplug August

Sensory activities for the hot days ahead!

We are half way through the summer and the weather has been gorgeous here on the East Coast which allows you and your children to be outdoors most days and nights. Make sure you stay outside, experience nature, and enjoy as many whole- body sensory and motor activities as possible together.

Here are some suggestions for making the most out of the remainder of the summer with your children. (more…)

Sensory Earth Day

Earth Day is upon us and it is a beautiful, sunny and warm day in New York. This comes after a long, cold, snowy winter when many children spent too many hours indoors and attached to technology. As Therapists and Child Development Specialists we know the importance of the natural environment in the lives of children and their development. (more…)

National Day of Unplugging

There is no denying the media, the Internet, video games, and computers are all part of our daily lives. We use these electronic devices for a variety of reasons; for work, to assist us in our everyday routines, to keep up with friends, and for play and recreation. For the most part, technological advancements have improved society. But what effects do these gadgets really have on young childrens’ development as they grow? (more…)